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Podcast: Guild Stories

A weekly podcast hosted by Justin Ricklefs where he explores the human-first depths of leaders, dreamers, and doers who have powerful stories to share.

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News, insights, and creative culture from Guild Collective.

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Story 88: The Healing Power of BBQ with Stan Hays

| Human-First Storytelling, Podcast | No Comments
Stan Hays loves barbecue, feeding people, helping in times of need. His organization, Operation BBQ Relief , has fed over 10 million meals to people in need in their nearly…

Story 87: Seeking Discomfort with Max Malldorf

| Human-First Storytelling, Podcast | No Comments
Max Malldorf is a German national who fell in love with America as a foreign exchange student. He's now a master brewer at POG brewery south of Kansas City. He…

Story 86: The Story Inward with Josh Cress

| Human-First Storytelling, Podcast | No Comments
Josh Cress is a therapist and founder of Ampersand Counseling in Liberty, MO. Our conversation goes quickly into the vulnerable, discussing his journey "inward" toward self-awareness. It's a treacherous but…

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