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Tina Bogaars

Copy connoisseur and strategic pathfinder



Tina loves language, wordplay, reading and writing. Nothing makes her happier than browsing in a bookshop and seeing new books on shelves. She loves the fact that humans have an unending hunger to tell stories, read stories and share them with the world.

She was born in Singapore, and her accent is hard to pin down. She sounds British, Australian — and weirdly Midwestern, all at the same time. Good luck getting a short answer when you ask why.

Tina loves her three kids despite the fact they are all much taller than she is. She loves her brother and sister who live in Calgary and Adelaide, respectively. She also loves animals and has stopped traffic rescuing cats, geese, snakes, and tortoises from the road. At work, Tina loves coming up with concepts and building them out. She is in her element during brainstorms. She is endlessly positive and sees the funny in just about everything.


Random Fact

She writes birthday limericks for her friends.

Walk-up Song

Daft Punk is Playing at My House
By LCD Soundsystem

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

I like being part of a team that creates success for everyone.

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