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Kate Bogue

Champion of transparency and process



Project Manager. Chaos Organizer. Task Juggler. Kate loves project management as it makes her feel like a detective (but in a safe way) for solving the issues, building relationships, working on some really cool projects and being able to say she has made a difference (even in the background).

She’s a foodie at heart and open to make or try almost anything, She adores traveling, experiencing different cultures, and the house planning + first and last stages of home remodels.

She has 2 dogs and embraces the dog mom life.


Random Fact

She loves the pacific barreleye fish. They are a deep sea creature which explains their alien like features. They have transparent heads, false forward facing eyes, and are at maximum 6 inches long.

Walk-up Song

All Of The Lights
By Kanye West + Rihanna

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

Helping my team and clients alike by keeping processes organized so that the product matches or exceeds expectations.

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