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Jeremy Parsons

He Asks Really Deep Questions



Jeremy is our Executive Producer. He has spent the majority of his life telling stories using a camera, a skill that took him to five continents.

He is a lot of things. A father of 3 young men of whom he is so proud. He deeply loves Melissa, fiancé and soon to be wife. He loves the wilds of Colorado and the culture found in Kansas City. He loves big skies and dark thunderstorms and the smell of impending rain. He loves his old(ish) Jeep, long talks that get underneath small talk, and covered front porches. He thinks classical music has as much to say as any other medium. He loves storytelling in all its forms.

Jeremy Parsons Hover


Random Fact

He has sipped scotch with Gregory Alan Isakov.

Walk-up Song

Any Song
By Run the Jewels

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

He loves connecting with our clients – real people with real stories. He loves telling their stories and seeing them succeed.

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