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Jason Muir

Ridder of Crappy Design



Jason leads all things design here at Guild. He loves finding creative solutions to the many design challenges our partners face and he does it with a quiet and calming tenacity.

His lifelong goal is to rid the world of bad design and he’s been doing his part since 2010 with a variety of stops along the way including the Chiefs, Garmin, and Midwestern Seminary.

As a designer, nothing makes him happier than crisp clean designs, perfect alignment, and the proper usage of white space, but ultimately what drives him is when smart design plays a role in letting the heart of a story shine.

Jason is husband to Beth, father to 3 beautiful girls, and America’s best Wordle player.*

Outside of Guild, he loves traveling and making memories with his girls. He’s a lifelong KC Chiefs and STL Cardinals fan (much to the chagrin of his KC peers).

*this may or may not be 100% factual.

Jason Muir Hover


Random Fact

He grew up in a small rural Missouri town with fewer than 2,000 people and only had 26 people in his graduating class. And yes, it was a public school.

Walk-up Song

Wolves at Night
By Manchester Orchestra

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

It’s the humanity of it all—the ability to capture and communicate a client’s essence through our work, truly reflecting who they are to the world—who they already know themselves to be.

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