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Dawn Mundy

Curiosity Connoisseur



Over her career as a copywriter, Creative Director, and creative thinker, the favorite part of Dawn’s job has always been figuring out the heart of a client and articulating it in ways that deeply resonate with the people they’re trying to reach. As Director of Strategy, she gets to focus on doing exactly that, and then finding smart ways to take that message out into the wild to find new fans for our clients.

She’s a voracious reader with a preference for historical fiction, fantasy, and British murder mysteries. She’s a slow but committed runner. She has an occasional side hustle as a baker. She’s a big fan of her creative family. She’s curious about pretty much everything.


Random Fact

She’s done a lot of performing as an actor and singer. Nothing you’ve ever seen 🙂

Walk-up Song

You Don’t Own Me
By Leslie Gore

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

When a client says, “You really get us.”

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