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Courtney Watson

Tasteful Bully



Courtney is responsible for all things client relationships. That includes knowing a business’s objectives, brand, and even the birthday of a client’s dog. We’re very serious about that. Her day-to-day looks like a lot of coffee, client meetings, video shoots, and leading our stellar brand team.

She likes taking her dog, Husker for a walk, writing, taking ballroom dancing lessons with her husband, Dan (who she also loves), and her guilty pleasure… The Bachelor.

Courtney Haggart Hover


Random Fact

She did pole vaulting in high school. Her thumbs are double jointed. She can quote the movie “The Other Guys” word for word.

Walk-up Song

Mr. Brightside
By The Killers

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

Being able to see the impact we’re able to make with our clients and see designs we helped develop all over Kansas City. Knowing people in just about every industry has been really rewarding and a constant opportunity to learn.

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If you have a project in mind, an idea to bring to life, an entire campaign to launch, a brand to build, or want to work with us, we’re into all those things.

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