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Adriana Doolin

Friend group Grandma



Adriana’s job is to help people reach their goals. She works with clients to pinpoint what their specific needs are and how we can help fulfill them. She sees it as a privilege to play a part in someone else’s success story and that’s her favorite part of what she does. She loves helping people achieve things that inspire them and push them forward. That has always been the most gratifying part of her job from her previous work experience in marketing and sales and she’s so excited to be doing it here at Guild Collective, where everyone is Human-First.

She’s been in Kansas City since August 2022 and couldn’t be happier here. She’s an extroverted homebody who loves to meet new people, but also loves to stay home and bake, garden, do puzzles and knit. Some call themselves the mom of their friend group… she calls herself the grandma of hers. Adriana is also passionate about her own small business, which is an Etsy shop. Aptly named “Adrie’s Embroidery” it provides quirky and unique embroidery designs, as well as custom embroidery services.


Random Fact

She’s an enormous Star Wars nerd and her favorite character is (and always will be) Ahsoka Tano.

Walk-up Song

…Ready For It?
By Taylor Swift

Most rewarding part of the work we do?

Helping people reach their goals and be inspired while doing it.

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