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Who we are, how we
see the world, and
where this all began.

Our Story

Guild Collective was formed with a simple belief.

That brands have powerful stories to tell, yet they often struggle with the most effective and compelling way to tell it.

And further, many get hung up in the hamster wheel of adding to the digital noise and scream-for-attention-fest.

The wonderful news for you is there’s a better, more life-giving way.

One that leads to growth in the things you care about most (revenue, profit, trust, engagement, retention, and affinity) and one that adds value to the world instead of competing with the noise and nonsense.

What started as a content and copy shop expanded into a full-service creative and performance agency with a simple orientation:

Build human brands. Tell powerful stories. Give a damn.

A collective of value-aligned storytellers nimble enough to meet this afternoon, with enough horsepower to make the world notice the good you’re up to.

Meet the team


Build Human Brands.
Tell Powerful Stories.
Give a Damn.


Being trustworthy gives us freedom to be brave, which makes us unapologetic, allowing us to be vibrant, which opens us to be creative, which in turn is excellent, even when it requires us to be gritty, and none of it matters if we’re not empathetic because we’re human first storytellers.



Competent | Problem-Solving | Benevolent


Daring | Integrity | Curious


Clear | Bold | Confident


Grounded | Enthusiastic | Evolving


Generous | Open-Minded | Insightful


Precise | Valuable | Focused


Resourceful | Tenacious | Habitual


Self-Aware | Caring | Grateful


Adriana Doolin

Brand Manager

Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez Hover

Alex Sanchez

Sr. Visual Producer

Brett Peters
Brett Peters Hover

Brett Peters

Brand Manager

Chelsea Graham
Chelsea Graham Hover

Chelsea Graham

Senior Project Manager

Courtney Haggart
Courtney Haggart Hover

Courtney Haggart

Director of Brand Management

Dorothy Magner
Dorothy Magner Hover

Dorothy Magner

Accounting Manager

Jason Muir
Jason Muir Hover

Jason Muir

VP, Creative

Jeremy Parsons
Jeremy Parsons Hover

Jeremy Parsons

Director of Story

Justin Ricklefs
Justin Ricklefs Hover

Justin Ricklefs

Founder & CEO

Racheal Burnett
Racheal Burnett Hover

Racheal Burnett


Vivian Allen
Vivian Allen Hover

Vivian Allen

Brand Strategist

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